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I have been a teacher for 22 years and am currently teaching eighth grade English Language Arts. I have a daughter and a son who are both out of college and well on their way to carving their unique pathways through life. God has provided many blessings to me and my family. This year alone I will have my first grandchild!
I love kids, and I take my job, teaching, very seriously. To me reading and writing are the essential threads linking all knowledge together. Without them, one could never truly reach the higher levels of evaluation and analysis in any discipline. With or without publication, writing is important and can even be for some a great source of therapy. I treat my students and their writing with care and respect because I ask them to walk out onto a flimsy limb, and they will only take that walk if I have their trust. It's fascinating to experience. A writing teacher is in some ways similar to a movie director. We know it's there; the student has an idea, a solution, an experience worthy of communicating to others. Our job like a movie director is to push and probe and push some more until our pupil has produced his or her best work.
I think one of the hardest concepts to teach young writers is audience. Technology has offered a tool with which teachers can now deliver a "real world" audience experience for our students. Bookemon is one such tool, and I am extremely exciting to see how it effects my student writers.
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