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From Broken to Beautiful would not have happened, were it not for one very shining star – Miss Lady Lis - Lisa A. Hardwick. Lisa is a powerful people magnet with a special gift for hearing beyond the words to what a person is not saying; a gift for allowing a person to become authentic without apology and fear of judgment. But above all her gifts, Lisa’s best gift is the ability to instill in a person the courage to face their broken pieces without shame and the courage to become the person they know in their hearts they were always meant to be.

Once you meet Lisa, you begin to realize that perhaps a higher power truly does send messengers to walk among us; to walk among us not separated by sainted perfection, but as a living example of how to create beauty in the midst of brokenness and how to find joy seeds even in times of deep despair; how to find the courage to face life's wounds without blame, without shame and to live not broken but perfectly flawed and beautiful.

It is because of Lisa’s passion for living authentically, her ability to voice openly what most of us hope we hide from our neighbors, our friends…ourselves… that draws us to her like the proverbial moth to the flame. Lisa draws us not with the fascination we humans have for the illusion of elitist perfection or because of a smug voyeurism for those who have fallen from high places in disgrace, but because on the outside she is just like the rest of us, just like you and me - not down, not out, not high and not mighty – she could easily be our neighbor or co worker. Only most of us don’t have the ability, let alone courage, to share among peers our broken pieces in a way that doesn't’ elicit from them embarrassed pity, or come across as a self serving cry for validation. No, most of us unconsciously attempt to hide our broken pieces in overeating, over spending, mind numbing drugs, or simply quiet desperation and pretend to ourselves that others don't notice. Lisa’s gift is her courage to share not only her past wounds, but her willingness to openly share her current stumbles and tools for transformation in such a way that somehow imbues us with courage, and hope and belief and relief!

Because of Lisa, I finally found the courage and methods to be authentic with my own self and with others, to mend my broken pieces and allow them to shine perfectly flawed, to have freedom from fear of judgment, from blame and shame. Each day, I am becoming a more authentic and beautiful person for knowing Lisa. It is an honor and a true privilege to partner with her in contribution to helping you find your own path from broken to beautiful. It is a spiritual privilege to count her as my soul ‘sista’ and an honor to share her shining light. ~Michelle M. Matteson
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