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Vaughn Thomas's work is project-based with an eclectic background in music, stage, photography, design, video, and filmmaking.

As student with guitar legend Nick Esposito, Vaughn's bands, "Calico Blues Band" and "Wolf Ticket" find way onto concert stages - opening for rock bands Led Zeppelin, Doors, Alice Cooper, War, and scores of others [1965-72]. Photography of the rock and roll life triggers an interest in film making, leading to the purchase of a motion picture camera.

Vaughn begins observing Michelangelo Antoniani's Death Valley film production , "Zabriski Point" [1969] - a short avocation with a life long impact. There, watching the master work test his ideas with a small 8mm camera, Vaughn fell in love with the camera.

This picture making work spans 25 years: a National Emmy Award winner [Camerawork Award 1981; Direction citation 1992], Post Production Supervisor, and Associate Director [Best Comedy Series Award 1978] and Director /Producer [Religion in Media Silver Angel Award - Best Holiday Special 1984].

His first film production company was awarded the Ringling Brothers Circus international commercial account. Many network television music specials and series followed with positions from Special Visual Sequences to supervising Post Production - pioneering electronic editing at a national network level. His company produced the commercial and promotional campaign for the International Circus Festival of Monte Carlo and many 'Live Gate' event campaigns.

As writer / director Vaughn partnered with Jazz legends Howard Roberts and Ray Brown on their original laser video music project pioneered in the early 80's. In Public Relations/Promotions he has been called to create campaigns for projects ranging from Academic Documentaries to fund raisers for the 50th Anniversary of Israel . He is a founding member of the Society of Camera Operators where he created their Life Achievement Award and Children's Hospital Charity project.

Vaughn has shot, written, or directed- musical specials, commercials, documentaries, corporate communications, music educational programs and produced international film and stage productions: adapting and directing Sweden's Stig Larsson's theatrical play "C.E.O". for the West Coast Los Angeles stage Premier to his own favorite "The Monkey's Paw adaptation for stage".

Recent writing works include consulting to Public Service Announcements , Academic Curriculum, Lectures on Cameraworks and a site-specific design project, Safe Drivers Alert, a new supplementary stop sign testing on the streets in Nevada.

For its 2010/11 ceremony, Vaughn was elected as multiple inductee in the Las Vegas Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
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" I never met a God I didn't like..."

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