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Hey peplle of the world i love reading and righting but unforchenatly english as my second language i speak it fluantly but my spelling i not the best there is but i will try mt altemit reas th get everything right. Nads is my nick name Nadia my real one but no one has called me that in ages exept if i did somthin rong wich means never :). I just joking i get in troble sometines but not always. I have been rightin sins i was 3.... well lets refrase that when i was 3 my mom would right and i would tell her wat to right. My bigst dream was to make a best seling book whit her oneday but unforchenatly that dream was cut of when se died of cancer last year, A fter that i hated all things that reminded me of her but in the hospital i made her a promis to finish atleest 1 book and i am betermend to ceap that promis so i hope you guys like or even love my books and will want more and more. oLots of love nads or as my friends say Mad Nads :)
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Dear dairy
Dear dairy
by Nads