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Nathan James Harris J.R was born on November 09,1987 in Panama City, Florida. Growing up in a bad enviorment with His Two sisters and mother. Nathan's Mother and Father seperated when Nathan was younger so it was hard for his mother to raise three kids and work, But she did it anyway. Even though Nathan parents were no longer together Him and his sisters stayed in contacted with their Father even to this day.
In 1999 Nathan and his family attend a church called Pentecoastle Worship Center in Panama City, Florida where Nathan and His family meet Bishop J.W Wade and His wife Pastor Marie Wade. At this time in His life Nathan was in a constant Battle in Middle school being held back twice Nathan try to stay focuse as he enter High school, But trouble follow him everywhere he went. Being sent to three different High schools and Being held back twice in High school he had a choice to make either finish school or drop out. In late 2007 Nathan made a promise to one of his teachers who later died that year that he would walk the stage. In 2008 Nathan kept his promise and Graduated High school in Honor of all the teachers and people he gave his word to even to his late science teacher nathan recieved his high school diploma. Now while working and going to the same church. Nathan has written his first book Peach Tree generations and hope to write a second book along the way
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