al gharafa
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my name is nesma elaasar im 14 years old , i am in newton lagoon im year 9 i m now living

in qatar since 2 years im a female my home in

qatar is al gharafa . i love to play read , swim ,

and talk . my favorite book is treasure island

the one who wrote it is robert louis stevenson

the genre of the book is fiction adventure.

my best band is the jonans brother. and my best music is baby by justin bieber, and that one that got away by katy perry. my best movie is twilight . and my favorite artist is leanardo .. And my birthday is on march 5th 1998. my favorite colour is pink, gold , purple , and silver im a muslim i have a mum ,a dad,3 brothers and im the only girl

im from egypt city cairo , england city london ,

im born from england i have the britain pasport and my dad is half london and egypt

my life is nice but it is nice here more than

london . well becuase in qatar i have so much friends , like islam , ranya , salam ,

, bassinte, yara , laila ,lilly maram, eyal..
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
treasure island
Favorite Writer
robert louis stevenson
Favorite Book Genre
fiction adventure
Favorite Band or Artist
jonans brother ,
Favorite Music Genre
justin bieber ,katy perry
Favorite Movie
Favorite Artist
Personal Quote
I'm selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I ma

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