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Nicole Denise Phillips was born in Cherry Hill, NJ and raised in Camden, NJ. She resides in Pine Hill, NJ with her grandmom, and three children, Aaron, Algerita, and Malachi.

Since age 10, Nicole has had a passion for writing; Nicole’s writing is scripture-based to reach young and old alike. Through storytelling of the scriptures, Nicole feels more people will be reached and will take time to read the Bible to get better understanding and clarity of her stories.

For non-believers, it teaches world values and lessons to be learned, to help us to better look at ourselves as human beings. We need to get back to values, and teach our children values that will help and sustain them on this earth. Everyone needs to know the truth; they need to know that no matter good or bad, there are consequences to our actions. She believes that through her writings, everyone will learn and seek the truth, not some covered-up version the world has given us.

Nicole prays that as you read her books, you will soak everything in, that it will be spiritually helping, and that you will come to know Christ, and the truth about what Satan is doing to us along with our own flesh.

If you take anything from her writings, always remember this scripture and meditate on it, because it will help you to understand more what is going on and why you are going through rough, tough, sad, and depressing times.
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