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Born in a small village called Ul in 1984. For Nuno this village was his home in Portugal, not very far from Porto.

Nuno was the youngest of eleven siblings. Thanks to his strong and willed mother, a mother who shared her strong love, a mother who always did everything for her children, a mother who suffered to protect them, he was able to have a happy childhood.

Ever since he was a child he loved everything about that little box called TV. The world of entertainment amazed the artistic fantasies in his mind: the people, the lights, the energy, the clothes, everything.

Sadly he never entered that world…l...life went in another direction. He didn’t have much advice from the people around him. He always had to do everything alone to get what he wanted. Although his family is amazing, at that point something was missing.

The time arrived for him to change. He moved to Switzerland in 2003 where life finally started to make sense, where dreams started to become true and more dreams came along. Traveling became another passion and for the record he finally discovered what love is and that’s what almost killed him!
Actually thanks to this love experience he restarted what he shouldn’t have stopped, painting.

Painting is something he has been doing for many years but never took it seriously. When something went wrong, when he was sad, the way he found to work out his feelings and to organize his heart was to “"cry in paint”".

He restarted to paint in 2011 and the apartment where he lives today didn’'t have anything hanging on the walls. With time, friends started to tell him that the paintings looked good and it got him more and more excited and inspired to continue until the day where he had 18 paintings hanging all over the place. The apartment looks now like a gallery!
"color emotions" was his first exhibition in 2011 and he’'s already working on the next project.

He wants more. He wants to keep dreaming and make his dreams become true. He wants people to know that “he was here”!
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