Sylvania, Ga
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I'm a 64 years old black man born and raised in the south, my family moved from farm to farm during my childhood in an attempt to escape reality.I was born in 1944 in Screven County located in Sylvania,Georgia. My parents were not very educated, so we became sharecroppers, in other words free slaves. Back in the 40's and 50's we lived on different farms tendered the owners crops and split the profit at season end... Since there were'nt any record keeping on my parents part we always ended up in the red, therefore we had to stay another season to try and break even so we could move to another farm. Our family consisted of my father, mother, brother, sister and myself. We grew all of our vegetables, we had chickens and eggs a plenty,we also had pork but no beef. We were advanced $20.00 every 2 weeks to live off. In the fall we harvested sugar cane to make syrup, we picked berries and other fruits to make preserves and jelly. We would harvested sweet potatoes and store them in a bank made of pine straw to protcct them from the winters freezing cold weather.
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