The Bottom Of The Sea
About Me
Hai!! <3 My Name Is Leah! Whats Up!? :D I Know The Sky!! Won't Yhu Think?!?! My Life Is Full Of Imperfections....And I'm One Of Them! I am Funny :D, Smart ?-] (2+2=4 Lolz) I am Weird X-D Thats Something You'll Figure Out Pretty Quickly <3!!! I'm In The Mood To Say I Love The Color Blue!!!! I Wanna Live In the Ocean For Some ODD Reason :DDDD XDDDD Thats Weird Huh? Favorites- Watching Movies (Not TV! Lolz) Saying Funni Things Water is Soo Yummy Eating Out X-D And And Ocean Waves Hate- I Dont like People WHO Are A$$ Heads :DDDD
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
FALLEN, Dragons Keep, Gothic dark stories......
Favorite Writer
I really Dont Know
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy <----Can't read anything but this unless..
Favorite Band or Artist
Mindless Self Indulgence there The Shit!
Favorite Music Genre
Everything most likely
Favorite Movie
Not Sure... I Like Scary and Funny :D
Favorite Artist
Who Knows?
Personal Quote
The Star- The Star Has Passion, Truth, and Honest.

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