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Born in Fall River, MA in 1952, Paul grew up in Somerset, MA; a small town across the Taunton River. He lived in Somerset until 1994 and then moved to Cranston, Rhode Island close to the Roger Williams Park and Zoo. In March of 2001, Paul moved to Meredith, New Hampshire with his wife, Joanne, and their then 21 month old son Jonathan. Paul and his family now reside in the town of Moultonboro, NH; a small, picturesque town on the northeast shores of Lake Winnipesaukee. Paul has also been blessed with four other children, ages twenty four through thirty two, who now reside in Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Michigan and Rhode Island.

After the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, 2001, Paul felt the need to do more, so he joined the local on-call volunteer fire department and graduated from the New Hampshire Fire Academy as a Pro Board Accredited Firefighter in March of 2003. At about the same time, Paul was approached by an Army National Guard recruiter and asked about his military background. That June, he was once again sworn into the Guard and soon received orders to report to Fort Sill, Oklahoma for re-training. Due to Paul’s debilitating arthritic condition however, he was found to be unfit for deployment overseas and was given a second Honorable Discharge in March, 2004. Paul received his first Honorable Discharge in August, 1981, after serving in the Massachusetts Army National Guard for 10 years as Chief of the Fire Direction Center with Delta Battery, 1/211 Field Artillery out of Fall River.

At 56 years old, Paul decided to return to college to pursue a degree in law. He is currently attending classes at Hesser College in Concord, NH as a prerequisite to obtaining his law degree.

Unfortunately, also due to his arthritic condition, he no longer serves as an on call Firefighter. Yet, Paul hopes that through his poetry and his poetic story telling, he can still help others in some small way.
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The End of Days
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Joel Rosenberg
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Randy Travis
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Independence Day
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