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Robin Lyn McKee Kraft was born on February 7, 1974. She was born in Hawarden, Iowa, the daughter of Cindy and Jim McKee. She had two brothers, Clint McKee and Jim McKee Jr. One accomplishment of her life was having three wonderful children and completing college at Le Mars Beauty School in Le Mars, Iowa. The most important things to her were her children and Jeff Gordan, a Nascar racer. She very much enjoyed watching the races on Sunday afternoons. Special memories of Robin include the way she always played jokes on people. That was her passion, ‘she loved to have a laugh and make others around her laugh. She married Chad Kraft after the birth of her third child, Jayde Cassidy Kraft, who is now seven. She has two other children, Dillon who is eighteen and Paige who is seventeen. Robin’s greatest fears were tornados and thunderstorms. She was very overwhelmed by these events because she swore that her house would be the one to be blown away. The one person she looked up to the most in her life was Cindy McKee, her mother. She enjoyed doing activities with her children: watching movies, scrapbooking, listening to music, and driving around. Robin Lyn McKee flew up to heaven on the wings of angels at age 34 at four a.m. on December 5, 2008. Leaving behind her loved ones, trying to understand why. The night she died, her children Dillon, Paige, and Jayde were ages fifteen, fourteen, and four years old. Her children were put into caring hands’, the oldest two, Dillon and Paige, went to her brother’s home, Jim McKee Jr. and Annabel McKee. Robin’s youngest went with her father Chad Kraft to Omaha, Nebraska to live with Jayde’s grandmother. Robin Lyn McKee Kraft left memories of herself to all her loved ones, and she will never be forgotten.
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