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My love for the written word inspires me to sleep, eat and drink poetry.
I've been reading poetry since I was a child and as I got older I start putting my thoughts and feeling into poems. I can get inspiried by many things, a person, thoughts or just one word in which I can build a poem around. I love to write about social issuses and human feeling that may or may not answer the questions of why we do the things we do. For me it comes easy, I may have a thought and just develope it in my head then profect it in my head then I write it down. I don't often go back like other writters because for me it is what it is when it lands on paper. There is nothing more profound then going back on your writing and see how much you have grown. It is also my hope that you the reader enjoy my work. I beleive that poems are verbs that should move you in some form of action, To feel, smile, laugh, cry or just to think.
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Nike Sparks
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Matchbox 20
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