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Pasqualina started baking at the age of 12 and still recalls the sense of enjoyment she felt as she watched people enjoy the tasty homemade goodies she created. It was not until she first met her husband David that she was introduced to the challenges faced by people with wheat intolerance. David was diagnosed with wheat allergies as a young adult and he explained to her how unusual it was to find wheat free goodies that actually tasted good.

Pasqualina took on the challenge of finding a way to make home-baked goodies tasty so that David could eat and enjoy them … how would she keep the flavor and still be wheat-free? Soon after she took on this challenge, she spoke with her friend Mary, a pediatric dietitian, about her dilemma. Mary gave her a list of flours she could use to convert the goodies to gluten-free. It was fun and exciting for Pasqualina to use her favorite family recipes to experiment with using the list of flours. What became most important to Pasqualina was that the gluten-free goodies have the same flavor and consistency of traditional (non-gluten-free) goodies. She wanted to be able to serve these home-baked goodies to everyone ... home-baked goodies that happen to be gluten-free.

When Pasqualina's two-year old niece Sarah was diagnosed with Celiac Sprue, Pasqualina realized how difficult it was for Sarah not to be able to share the same goodies as her friends. Many of the different gluten-free products on the market were very different tasting than home-made products. Who would want to have Sarah's goodies? After moving to Virginia Beach, Pasqualina began to share her gluten-free goodies with her new friends, learning that many were gluten-intolerant or knew someone who was. Positive feedback from all the willing taste-testers (her dad being the first in line) encouraged her to go into business.
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