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Pastor Cory P. Pariseau is the Pastor and Founder of Crossroads World
Christian Center Church in Columbus, Ohio, whose mission is to reach out,
through the grace of God, to those that have come to a crossroads in their lives
and don't know which direction to turn. Crossroads WCCC, Pastor Pariseau and
church members are touching lives and hearts in the Columbus, Ohio community
and around the world daily by fulfilling The Great Commission given to all by our
Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, through the many ministries and outreaches that
God’s amazing power has blessed the Church with the resources to provide.
As C.E.O. and Founder of Crossroads World Christian Center Church - and many
other ministries, such as The Crossroads Fellowship Tour, Crossroads
Community Services and Parenting Pathways to name a few (some others are
listed below) - and as both a child and a parent who's been through the Children's
Services system, Pastor Pariseau knows the trials and pains of going through the system from both aspects.
For much of his life he had been in the system one way or another.
As a young child, Cory went into the foster care system when he was 4 years old. A dozen foster homes
and two children's homes later, he was finally adopted at the age of 7. By the time he was 29 he had 3
children of his own and through some bad choices he made (and in an ironic twist of fate), he lost the kids to
Children's Services…this after losing his marriage, his job, and everything he had worked for all his life to
that point.
Pastor Cory found himself in a mental institution for 6 weeks and God came into his life and allowed him
start on the journey of faith and in getting his family back. In July 2001, the kids came back to stay with
Pastor Pariseau for good. It was a hard and confusing journey. With everything he went through, he did
find a system of support for single parents, but he often thought that a system of support, giving back and
sharing with those other families who were going down the same path (of being involved with Children’s
Services) would have been a true blessing to him. Thus, Parenting Pathways, and many other helping
ministries were born through the years.
Pastor Cory has also been a loyal employee of Wal-Mart Distribution Center in Grove City, Ohio for 15
• 2002: Cory joined a Parents Anonymous group that helped him through raising his 3 children, where he quickly became a
Parent leader in the group and spoke to countless Parent classes about Parent Leadership
• 2002-2008: Cory worked with Catholic Social Services of Central Ohio talking to their Parent World classes
• 2003-2006: Cory was asked to be on the National Parent Leadership Team of Parents Anonymous, participating and
helping with the Best Practices for Parent Leaders sessions, as well as talking to Congressional leaders on Parent
• 2003-2006: Cory helped with the National Training Institute for Parents Anonymous in Washington D.C.
• 2003-2005: Cory helped with the National Training Institute for Parents Anonymous in San Diego, California
• 2005: Pastor Cory was given the CAVA Award by Franklin County Children's Services for advocating parent leadership in
the community
• 2005: Pastor Cory founded Crossroads World Christian Center Church in Columbus, Ohio
• 2005: Pastor Cory founded Parenting Pathways in Columbus, Ohio
• 2006: Pastor Cory was presented with the Jolly K Award for the State of Ohio
• 2006-2008: Pastor Cory sat on the Board of Regents of Crossroads Christian College and Seminary in Florida
• 2007: Pastor Cory founded Country Hands helping inner-city youth experience a change in environment
• 2007: Cory sat on a panel at the Ohio Foster Parents Conference
• 2007-2008: Cory sat on the committee with Buckeyes Boys Ranch with Birth Parent Incentive
• 2007: Cory joined Children’s Hospitals Inter-Faith Network to confront abuse in our community
• 2008: Pastor Cory was ask to set on the committee for a Day of Hope, a community event day celebrating drug and
alcohol abuse recovery
• 2009: Pastor Cory Found and started Crossroads Community Services to help offer and link services to the community of
Central, Ohio
• 2010: Cory started Crossroads World Christian Center Online Community Church
• 2011: Pastor Cory founded Crossroads World Wide Bible Institute online
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