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Patricia was born and raised in Greenwich Village, New York City. Patricia attended a private Catholic School and was accepted to Marymount Manhattan College in 1976, where she began her college career as a dance major.

She found herself drawn to working with children at a young age. She was the neighborhood babysitter, CCD instructor, Girl Scout Leader in which she received an award as the youngest Leader in the Greatest New York Area; volunteered at her former elementary school and taught dance to the neighborhood children.

In the late 70's she owned a dance studio in New Jersey, where she met her husband, a freelance artist. They subsequently got married and moved back to New York, where they began a family and became involved in Foster Care. They have been married for 32 years, have 7 children (all girls), 4 biological and 3 foster children, who have remained connected with family for the past 22 years. Additionally, the family has welcomed
4 grand children.

In the early 1990's they moved to Arizona where Patricia realized her career goals as an Early Childhood/Early Intervention Educator. Her first position was as a teachers-aide for children with special needs at an all inclusive day care center with the Mesa ARC foundation. This was both a challenging and rewarding position in which she excelled in and was made Lead Teacher of the Preschool Classroom.

She then moved on to take a lead teaching position at a Christian Elementary School and later became the day care director for the school. During her eight years with this school she was viewed as someone with knowledge and insight on how to work with children who had extreme behaviors. It was here that she decided to return to school for Early Childhood Education. In 1998 she received her AAS in Early Childhood Education.

Patricia continued her education and in 2000 moved back East and currently resides in Northeast, Pennsylvania . In 2001 she became an Early Intervention Specialist for Monroe County Head Start and a year later became the Early Intervention Coordinator for the program for the past 11 years In 2006 she received her BS in Human Serwith a specialization in counseling. She is currently working on her PhD in Education.

In addition to her position at Head Start, Patricia has extensive experience and education in the field(s) of early childhood development, early intervention and mental health disorders. She is an Adjunct Instructor for Northampton Community College, she is involved in the CDA program with college and teaches Introduction to Early Childhood Education, Society and the Child and the Early Childhood Professional. Additional training includes: The Association of Christian Schools International Rocky Mountain Teachers Convention and Southwest Preschool Convention, Monroe County Head Start, Keystone Stars, MCAEYC Conference, Including Every Child Conference.vices with a specialization in Mental Health; subsequently, in 2009, she earned a MS in Psychology

Patricia has served on The Behavioral Task Force for the Department of Public Welfare in Pennsylvania from 2004-2006, Monroe County Children Team from 2004-2011; in addition to, The Crossing Abilities advising committee from 2011-present. She is a PQAS Certified Trainer, CLASS certified evaluator, Work Sampling Trainer, Pyramid Model Trainer and has extensive training and experience screening students in Early Childhood Development.

Patricia also personally has family member(s) ADHD, Bipolar Disorder and PDD. These personal experiences have given her insight and knowledge to work compassionately and effectively with children and parents.
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