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Patricia Godinez was born in Anaheim and raised in Garden Grove, California. She graduated from Santiago High School in 1993 and attended Santa Ana College. Patricia completed her Bachelor’s degree in Spanish literature at Chapman University; as an undergraduate, she lived and studied abroad in Granada, Spain. She then completed her Master of Arts degree in English and Comparative Literature at California State University Fullerton in 2004.
As a graduate student, she taught English Composition and was then invited to become a faculty member in the Developmental Writing Program at Cal State Fullerton. She then taught introduction to college courses to EOPS (Extended Opportunity Programs and Services) students for the Summer Bridge Program at Cal State Fullerton and English Composition for the PUENTE program, English N50 (Introduction to written communication) English N60, English 061 and English 101 at the both Santa Ana College and Santiago Canyon Colleges.
Patricia has extensive experience teaching English composition while working in other areas of student support services such as in trio programs (PUENTE, Upward Bound, and GEAR UP), outreach and student retention programs. She presently teaches English part time at Santiago Canyon College and also works full time as a High School and Community Outreach Specialist.
In her spare time, Patricia enjoys spending time outdoors, especially the beach, reading, creative writing, and traveling. She has traveled to China, Morocco, the British Isles, Spain, Costa Rica, Nicaragua and Mexico. She has been published in both literary and academic journals. Currently, she has a creative writing blog that she believes is a way to connect to the world. You can visit her blog titled “The Blowing Branches” at .
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