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I must take this opportunity to stress to the reader (as in, Gretchen or I) that these characters were modeled after the people above in how I see them in my mind. However, I cannot understand what others are thinking, what they would decide to do, and so on. Therefore, these characters are acting from my imagination and are completely and totally out of character with their real life counterparts. There is no way that these people would act out the scenes below, say any of the lines I have written, or would even imagine doing one single thing I made them do. Unfortunately for all these poor suckers, I have an evil mind, have overplayed many areas in these chapters, and have made a complete fool out of the entire cast (except maybe me. My parts aren’t so bad). I must apologize for my actions. But seeing as I like it better this way (and I’m not taking forever to change everything I’ve worked hard to do so far), I will not change the personalities one bit. Deal with it.

Much love and hugs,

Your evil author,

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