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A wife for 27 years.A mother of 2 beautiful daughters & 4 grandkids.

I love to cook,write poetry,which comes from experiences in and from my life,past,future and present.I love to pray for my family & others,talk to God all day.I love to dance,sing & praise our Lord.

I try to walk the Christian walk,not quite where I want to be,but thank God,I'm not where I used to be.I'm giving & caring & always try to listen to what your heart is saying.Most of the time we tend to bury our true feelings(whats really in our hearts) because of fear of what others may think or because we think they don't care anyway. I am here to listen. I am not perfect nor a saint,I have a lot of faults & a lot of growing. God has helped me through a lot of heart ache & pain & through that pain I can now understand yours & pray for you with weeping & understanding.I have lost loved ones.I have been there & when I say I understand,I really do. I thank my God for the lessons through the trials that I have been through & still go through,because now I can truly love you & understand others pain.

I am here to share my life experiences through poetry,what I have been through,going through & overcome.Without God I am nothing.He is my first Love .

As I learned to forgive all those who hurt me,I stopped asking why & started asking Who,who can I help,Who can I pray for,Who can I love,and how can I help?.

I have been down many,many hard long roads,but I know God was walking those roads with me,for Jesus did not only die for my sins,He also suffered along side me as I suffered.I don't ask Why anymore because He didn't ask why on the cross but said YES send Me & I will die for them,Why? Because He loved us that much.And I know there will always be evil in this world until the end.I just pray that everyone going through trials would look up to God & let Him give you peace even through the midst of the trials.For we cannot even forgive without first looking up to Him,for He first forgave us.
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