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I don't want to identify myself with what I do at work. Work is just a conduit to express my passions. So apart from work identity, who am I - I am not sure, but I love learning new things, I love sharing cool things I learn and I love to break existing rules only to make new ones - because questioning the status quo is a lot of fun.

Again, not sure where that leaves me as a person - will discover one day!

At work, I am labeled as an architect and also an engineer - combined together, till date I have about 15 years of education and work experience in architecture and engineering. More than playing a traditional role of an architect or an engineer, I play the role of an arbitrator, communicator and sometimes I feel like playing the role of a leader in educating others and creating new things by breaking down the old ideas.

So, life is fun and interesting!

Over the past 10 years, I have been very passionate about sustainability and I want to do something that is useful to the world. May be writing about it is the beginning!
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