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I learned to cook by my Mother,Lillian Baretta. My Grandmothers also showed me how to cook. We lived on a Fram in Calipatria, Californa.There where seven of us Children. Barbara, Kathryn, Evalyn, Johnny, Larry, Victoria and Franklyn. Franklyn and Victoria moved to Scottsdale, Arizona. Barbara, Kathryn, Evalyn and Johnny still live in and around Calipatria, California. Larry passed away December 1966 and Barbara passed away February 2007. Our parents Giovanni(John) passed away February 1972, Lillian(Lily) passed away January 2008. My Father came from Bucca, Iialy in1920's to the U.S.A. and my Mother was born in Dos Palo, California. Her Parents came from Lucca, Italy in1900's to the U.S.A. My Father was a Farmer in Calipatria and so was my Mother's Parents. They Married 1933 then started a family. ln 1934 Barbara was born and in 1948 Franklyn was born. I, Victoria, was born in 1947 and got married in 1986 to Patrick Grady. I have two step children and two grandchildren.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Under The Tucan Sun and The Godfather
Favorite Writer
Frances Mayes and Mario Puzo
Favorite Book Genre
Romace and Crime
Favorite Band or Artist
Favorite Music Genre
Classic Rock
Favorite Movie
GiGI and gone with the wind
Favorite Artist
Red Skeleton
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What Ever

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