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Hi I'm Grace. Daughter of Tom and Leticia. Sister of Tommy. Josh. And Chris. Auntie of Hannah. Mason. And Austine. I'm a small town Country girl from Mariposa. When I say small I mean small. We have no stop light. No rush hour traffic. Everyone practically knows you and greets you with a wave or a hello. I am very family oriented. My close friends (You know who you are) I consider family. I am engaged to the love of my life. The answer to my prayers. Brian Nicolas Garmon. He happens to be the produce clerk of Pioneer Market. I ♥ being a future produce wife and as I like to call it a June Clever house wife. Don't be jealous that I get yummy fruits and vegetables from the worlds greatest store. Being with family. Enjoying the out doors. Shopping for antiques. Hanging out with friends. Dancing are all my favorite things in life. I love my life and I couldn't be happier. : )
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Elvis Presley
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Dirty Dancing
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"In Gods Time"

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