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Matthew Noel Ramirez was born on April 22, 1993 in a local hospital located in Northridge, California. His young child life consisted of reading various books and playing many games. His past time hobby was swimming and being around family and friends. As he grew older, Matthew began to broaden his horizon with Harry Potter. A book written by J.K Rolling. This was ultimately the door which lead Matthew to have a drive for creative writing. As the years pass, he began to listen to music and other things and forgot about writing for a little bit. But now, at age 16- Matthew has been working on the Path's Series for almost a year now thanks from the help of his family and closes friends. Many ideas rattle endlessly in this great and young author to be. What lies ahead is unknown and this makes it more the exciting...
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Harry Potter
Favorite Writer
Christopher Paolini
Favorite Book Genre
Fantasy, Scinece Fiction
Favorite Band or Artist
Above and Beyond
Favorite Music Genre
Electronic, Trance
Favorite Movie
Star Wars 1-6
Favorite Artist
John O'Callaghan
Personal Quote
Neve give up no matter the stakes

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