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Randy and Sharika met at an early age, both were 13 at the time when the met. Starting out as just friends in Randy’s neighborhood, they became to get closer and closer each day. As the days went on, Randy just knew he wanted Sharika to be his girlfriend. So one day Randy got up enough courage to ask her if she would be his girlfriend. By his surprise she said yes. They both knew nothing about dating then, being so young, but they endured strong for one year of dating. After a couple of years went by, Randy and Sharika lost contact with one another. He went his way and she went hers. In 2004 Randy and Sharika reunited with one another. They both knew it had to be fate that brought them back together. As time went on while they were dating, Randy knew he could not let Sharika get away again. So in February 2007 Randy asked Sharika Father for her hand in marriage. Her Father gave his blessing to the both of them. This was a new beginning to the rest of their lives.
Randy and Sharika are both faithful members and Christians of Conqueror s For Christ International Ministries. Randy and Sharika both know that God has Kept and got them this far, and will do the same for the years to come.
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