Los Angeles, California
13 years old
About Me
Sarah Rosenberg was born March 29,1996. at the age of 13 on a week before summer vacation she told her parents she wanted to try out of a play in her religious school. When she audition she did the lines like she really ment what she said. But when the audition results came in she got the worst part in the whole play. In the end she had fun and felt like the auditions never happened and she got the chance of a lifetime.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
High School Musical 1 2 and 3 Jr. novels
Favorite Writer
Mark Twain and Hans Christan Anderson
Favorite Book Genre
anything but horror
Favorite Band or Artist
Jonas Brothers
Favorite Music Genre
Pop and rock and roll
Favorite Movie
Hannah Montana movie
Favorite Artist
Miley Cyrus
Personal Quote
I love you

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