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I am a reserved quit person who personally has been through an unormalsy of events in life though overcomame in strngth to move forward, and learn to cope, but never forget the situation's or ignor reality, but live to be in control of what I do, and think, and observe before I make anydecision's that would be worth my life in general, I have became a stronger person, because of my struggles, and still grow to overcome to this day, in all, .. I really concentrate on what I need to do that is important is raise my kid's as well to the best of my ability even through the pain or suffering I endure within daily.. I hopefull would as well like to get a book that I can remember written in my own words to remind me of the pain, costs, and loss, that I have dealt with in a memoir Soon, hopefuly for anyone to relate to,.. My title of A War Within Me! Trial of Painful suffering still Scared today.
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St Elmo's Fire
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Martin Lawrence
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Never give up!

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(A War of Scars Within)
(A War of Scars..
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