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Ricky Cohen: Ancient Wisdom, Modern Living

Ricky Cohen, author of From Me to My Children and Attracting Your Extraordinary Love, is one of today’s most versatile and motivational personalities. Through his books and decades of interactive workshops, Ricky has touched the lives of tens of thousands of people.

Ricky’s teachings are steeped in the belief that the key to unlocking life’s potential is by making use of the ancient wisdom of our forefathers. From scripture to proverbs, Ricky has applied the lessons of yesteryear to his students and readers and in the process guided them to live life to its fullest potential.

A father of six, Ricky has always taught his family the importance of positive thinking. In the Smile series, Ricky shares these ideas on a level that children can relate to, instilling positive habits during their foundational years. He is very excited to share this book with you and your child. Smile as you start this journey, and smile as you watch your child grow!
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