About Me
Hey! Its RIthaa its not my real name but i liked to be called that! Im very random at times(all times). I have 2 best friends which are Raven and Shelby! (cause were the three best friends that anybody can have)
I love music its one thing i cant live without cause i love listening to beautiful voices, even if you cant sing i wont mind if its close to music im glad! Im a nice person(scared my friend half way to death on halloween) anyways im really smart( took me 5 mintues how to open an actomatic door)! Im purto rican from my dad but for my mom im russian?? Dont ask? Im still asking myself! Im moving soon and ima be away from my best friends! (Curse you San Diego why do u have to look so cool!) Anyways my favorite actor is johnny depp hes like so hott! (yes im aware hes like 48) still hes hott! Also im into asians there so adorable! Beleve me i listen to a korean band called Super Junior and i have no clue what they are saying but the fact one is a asian singer of david archuleta so?? Oh and my favorite song that they sing is (no other)! Well ima go! Your probly saying nooo! DONT GO! but if you wanna talk to me u can always find away to talk to me! So long! Also if you see the picture the part of the heart were the pinky is like having a seasure or something thats my hand and the one with the bracelets is my best friend Ravens hand!
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Twilight Saga!, DeathNote(anime book), and Holes
Favorite Band or Artist
Hollywood Undead,and My Chemical Romance
Favorite Music Genre
Alturnative Rock
Favorite Movie
Sweeny Todd, and Percy the lighting bolt thief!
Favorite Artist
My best friend Raven!
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Your day can go great with a cookie!

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