About Me
Where I’m From

I am from cooking and cleaning

From Robert and Cindi.

I am from the Boggy down Bronx.

I am from one apartment to another.

I am from my family,

My family that loves each other.

I am from being the little kid,

To being the big uncle.

I am from doing the right thing.

I am from snow and sun.

From being with family,

to being with friends,

to being with both.

I am from short to tall.

From buzz cut to an afro.

I am from watching Television,

To video games.

I am from reading games to adventure games.

I am from the Rugrats,

To Tech TV.

I have gone from Green Dog to Ecko,

and from finger painting to homework.

I am from hating math but love writing.

From having fun to worrying about school.

I am from one dollar fifty to 99 cents.

From six to twelve.

I am from family vacations to my first ride on a plane.

From flying a kite to driving a go-kart.

I am from never leaving the country.

I am from Frederick Douglas Academy,

To College.

I am from the Bronx.

A week that seems the same all through life.

I am just 18

One teen next to millions

I am from 18 years of life

Some good some bad

I am from myself…………
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Just A Few Words
by Robert Leon..
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The Project Series
by Rob Brizzell
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The Project Series
by Rob Brizzell
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The Rob Brizzell..
by Robert L...
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