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My name is Pastor Je’rico J. Brown. I am writing this book as the founder of Renewal Life Christian Ministries that I may teach the lesson of “From struggle, to the oil of a fresh anointing”; I am inspired to create a life changing, life altering, and life developmental book that would develop the minds of our youth and recreate the foundation of faith in our communities. I want to first start off by saying thank you to all of you who have purchased this book and or received it as a gift and are reading it.
For the first time in my life I am releasing the things that I experienced that caused a lot of hurt. For the last three years I’ve attempted to hide the pain of my childhood by studying and making decisions that would advance my life as a Christian and a man of God. I am writing this book in the middle of a fasting period that would require me to thirst after God for strength and the ability to write this with a pure heart and a clean Spirit. I invite you to join me on a journey that would require you to thirst after God. We will travel from the verge of death to a brighter life, full of good health and joy unmeasureable to man.
Maybe you’ve been hurt and don’t know where to turn, or maybe you feel that God has forgotten about you, this book is written for you. To my fellow peers, some of you have been privileged but, somebody once told me to keep living. Don’t look at this book and put it down please read it to the end and expect God to work in your life and live toward the Oil to a Fresh Anointed.
There is a knock on your door, you turn to your clock, its 2am, and you realize that it’s your best friend, and your friend is hungry, and is in need of a place to go and food to eat. Now, you have a chose, what would you chose, will you let him? Or what if the person knocking at a door was you; would you want to be let in?
We all have an answer to those questions and can produce a million reasons for why you said what you said. The truth of the matter is, so many people would refuse to let somebody in but, when we knock on heaven’s door we get offended if we feel that God didn’t answer.
Every person will be faced to answer that question in one way or another, and your answer is very important…
Regardless of what you said, what if God didn’t answer the door, when you cried out to him at 2am? Searching for closure, attempting to release the pain from my life, I wondered, what if God did me like I did other, or what if God did ignore your request?
Growing up African American seemed to be more of a curse, than a privilege. Living in a world that you were born in but, feel like you don’t belong, I felt as if I will never be good enough, felt as if white America will always cast you out. I wondered why did I knock on God’s door and petition heaven, and he would not answer, I questioned my relationship with Christ. I wanted to know why God called me his child, and I live in poverty. How can I believe in God when I’m all alone? I went to petition heaven and when I listened to the Pastor at church, he never told me that God would not answer me, nor did they tell me that I would ask “Will my God, hear my knock and not answer?
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