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Antonio G. Fiore is a 2nd generation Italian-Canadian born to Luigi and Maria Fiore on August 31st, 1982 in Toronto, Canada. The second of three children, and the only son in a traditional Italian home, Antonio, known affectionately as "Tony" made it a life ambition to succeed beyond his family's expectations of him. After graduating with a BA in Economics from the University of Toronto in 2006, Tony accepted the challenge of building his family's dream home. A challenge that offered a plethera of life lessons, a wealth of knowledge, and humbling appreciation for and determination to make proud his immigrant roots: His father and the men before him who endured such labor to build their lives in North America. This determination propelled him back into the passion for finance he had left behind and after a studious year, he was accepted to the Richard Ivey School of Business in London, ON. where he received his MBA in 2010.

Tony now resides in Toronto, ON and continues his journey on the road to success in both his personal and professional life, with the support of his loving family and a code of ethics learned from the great men of his past.
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