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Samantha is a 7 year old girl who is very creative! She paints, draws and got into writing her own books once she read 100's of great books that inspired her! She is the oldest in her family. She loves to sew and would love to make her very own blanket one day. She loves music and one time when she was at a Dashboard Confessional's concert, the lead singer asked her (out of everyone there) how she was doing! She loves to have fun and laughs a lot! She is great at making other's day!! She is her Auntie Lacey's #1 penpal! Samantha is very intelligent and reads books that are much harder than the normal 2nd grader reads. She is loved by her, mom, dad, baby brother Johnny, grandma, papa, uncle Blake, Auntie Lace, Uncle Bryce and both Auntie Kelsey's! xoxox
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