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Sarah Dowland grew up as the youngest of six children. As she grew and matured, she knew that her lifetime dream was to become a wife and mother.

She met her husband, Randy Adam Dowland in high school and started going with him her Freshman year of college. Since then, while Adam was serving a mission in Tacoma, WA; Sarah felt a strange feeling of vacancy. Even though her life was packed to the limit with school, track and work...she felt that there was something missing in her life. She thought about a mission, and prayed to find out if that was what was missing. The first time she prayed, she didn't get a response (because she didn't want to hear the answer.) She prayed again, and knew that serving a mission is what Heavenly Father wanted her to do. She waited for her 21st birthday and left to serve a mission in the Italy, Milan mission.

Upon returning home from her 19 months of service, she reunited with her soon to be husband and was wed less than three months later, on August 4, 2007.

This book is the blog that Sarah wrote about her little, but growing family throughout the year 2010.
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