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As the artist, Eva Hesse, once said, " is a total thing. A total person giving a contribution. It is an essence, a soul, and that's what it's about...In my inner soul, art and life are inseparable." (Nemser, Art Forum, 1970)

Sarah Rene has become deeply interested in how life experiences impact the human psyche and how artists utilize their work to address and/or work through the effects of detrimental life experiences.

Rene's Master Thesis work, The Ties that Bind, focused on providing a physical identity for the Self and the emotional weight contained therein, specifically referencing memories and emotions related to the effects of specific personal life experiences and relationships.

Rene's intention with this work was to engage the viewer on a very intimate and visceral level, for them to respond and connect to each piece, even if they are unclear as to why they are drawn to do so.
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