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I never thought I would be on this volleyball team. I remember meeting Coach Jen for the first time and telling her how much I hated volleyball and everyone who had to do with volleyball. Including her. I ended up signing up for volleyball as a present for Ami, my sister. Boy was I wrong about volleyball. From the first day, I knew I was doing the best thing ever. I loved the girls, I loved my coaches, but most of all, I loved the sport. Coach Jen, Coach Rehab, and the upperclassmen all helped me learn how to bump, set, and, hit. Spiking was my favorite thing to do. Over the first few weeks, I got stronger and hit harder. I remember the day Coach Jen asked me to swing for varsity. I went home and laughed into my pillow. Over the next years, I knew that volleyball was my natural calling. My teamates had become more than just teamates; they were my sisters. They still are. I owe everything I am to every girl I have come to know on the team. I love them all. To every girl I have met on the team: Thank you. Because of you, I am going to continue my volleyball playing life in college.
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