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Much acclaimed party planner to the stars along with being noted as “The Party Planner” in the NYC Metro area to hire when on a budget. This particular focus was just the beginning of her now, mini empire Samantha Goldberg Inc.

Today Goldberg is considered one of the few New York & New Jersey Wedding and event planners. This is also Television Personality Samantha Goldberg has operated Samantha Goldberg & Co- Gold Events LLC for over 2 decades.

She launched her now highly successful business in Chicago dedicating 90% of her skillset on corporate party-event planning, and as aCelebrity Spokesperson for motivational sales events and major brand representation.

She is still considered one of the few top-premier party planners in the US today and noted with a successful track record increasing financial goals as a planner for the nonprofit sector and it’s events. since her start in the early 1990's. Samantha has currently been relocated to the NYC Metro area since 2003.

Samantha now oversees and di,strects a staff of 10 top New York and New Jersey certified wedding planners able that coordinate weddings, corporate parties, new product launches ,seminars and events all over the United States along with several key destination locales (Aruba, Mexico, Bahamas, Italy, Belize, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Hawaii and etc.

Goldberg herself now dedicates her time with floral design , a planner for celebrity weddings , nonprofit galas and corporate events. This is in addition to her own personal appearances in support of her television career.

Samantha's expertise today is “high-innate –design”, although she has the ability to work within any budget delivering spectacular results whether given 3 days notice or 3 years of planning. Sam's grace-under-pressure is a testament to her quick-thinking and problem-solving abilities; not to mention the most important element in event planning, With the success of her business came the attention from television networks. Samantha is currently in her 10th season with The Style Network's hit series "Whose Wedding Is It Anyway?" airing in over 150 countries.

Sam was also tapped to do their pilot called "Whose Destination Wedding Is It Anyway" shortly renamed "Married Away," and currently being aired since 2007.

She is currently taping her own show for a 2012 launch.

Mainstream media took notice in the year 2000 and asked Samantha to share her expertise with their audiences. She is regularly featured as an expert analyst and trend setter on various national news programs such as Good Morning America, CNBC's "On the Money, WPIX, Fox and Friends, Today Show, CBS, NBC5, FOX Chgo, B-96 Radio, Good Morning NY, NJ12 (WWOR’s 18 Affiliates) Entertainment Tonight, "Geraldo at Large," Comcast News, ABC News, NBC News, EBRU TV, Satellite TV, Good News NY Radio, Better Homes & Gardens TV, amongst many others.

Savvy Samantha's Nuptials" is a regular column appearing in New Jersey's largest newspaper, The Star Ledger. Sam shares her “Plain talking” advice weekly with brides and grooms facing the challenges of planning a wedding. In addition she shares new trends of each bridal season.

Samantha is also regularly interviewed for, Bridal Guide, Brides, (201) Brides, Chicago Tribune Modern Bride, In Style Weddings, NJ Brides, NJ Monthly, The New York Post, The New York Daily News, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes both online and magazine format, OK Magazine, Cosmopolitan, Hungarian Cosmo, Glamour, Bella,The Courier and The Courier Post.

She along with her business, Gold Events has been profiled in; The Good Life, Suburban Style, Morris Magazine, New Jersey Countryside, The Reporter and several other publications. Interviewed and showcased in media such as Town and Country Brides, NSF Countryside and Deal Magazine (affluent families’ tangible media for the Jersey Shore).

In the fall of 2009, Goldberg was asked by Party City to be their partner in bringing new ideas and elements into the world of celebrations, Hilton Hotels WW as their celebrity spokesperson/expert for weddings/events and author for their website “Guestiquette” , Bloomingdale's as a 'celebrity headliner' for their Bridal Registry Departments in the US.

She travels to various stores for corporate- private events, speaking to brides about the newest trends in weddings and offering some strategic coping skills for managing all of the “Tricky” details.

Samantha’s addictive character, colorful personality as herself, makes her easy to watch. She also leaves her viewers with “a feel” as though you are with her every step of the way”.

Sam has been nominated, rated, noted and awarded as Top New Jersey Event Designer by NJ Biz (2009-current), Best of Knot, Wedding Wire rated as one of their Top New York Metro Wedding Planners since 2008. She has recently been nominated and a finalist for BizBash Readers Choice Social Event Planner NYC & Consultant of the Year. This award was a collaborated effort of peers located in the New York Metro market.

Innate design is beyond what one can expect to describe after each event reveal. This is one of Sam’s favorite portions of the event planning process.

Doors are continuously opening and new opportunities are being presented regularly. We hope to experience them all! “Most importantly, I'm in awe of the trust people place with me to give them a moment in time they will always share... and I will forever go above and beyond to deliver that moment in a very personalized manner... exceeding all expectations, every time."

Even with a full plate, she brings education seminars and passion all over the US for those who aspire to be “In the know of the event world”. The women and men who take her event planner courses or seminars learn more about what will work in 7 hours allotted than they have in their entire lifetime depending on their goals..

In 2005, Sam was noted for starting America’s First Nonprofit Dream Team which grants “ Dream Weddings”. She is both the Founder & President of America's first nonprofit wedding granting organization for those to those who have gone through various hardships which did not allow for the planning of a wedding. The support of 15 states at current are ready and willing to help those who have lost various aspects which bring the “magic of wedding wishes” back to life. We are blessed to have the support of various vendors that are willing and able to join us on a mission to bring “love” to those who need it.
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