About Me
I live in Portland, and I have one dog (two if you count my annoying older brother) and I am 15 years old. I like to write, and have written stories for my friends before. (sometimes I get tired with the story and don't finish it). One of my friends got me started on the whole write a story. She writes really awesome stories! Anyway, I also love to cook/bake. A lot of people like my cooking! Either that or they're being too nice and lying? Oh well, I like to laugh and may laugh at the STUPIDEST things...or things that happened a year or so ago...Makes me look crazy, actually...Anyway, I have a 'twin' even though we aren't related. I just met her this year, and already we're best of friends...People ask us all the time if we're sisters because we look and act so much alike! We also like many of the same things: anime, writing, laughing, picking on J (her cousin), reading, Twilight (forget Edward, JASPER is my fav), Naruto (a show), Japan, and a few other things...
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
i have a lot of favorites
Favorite Writer
Anne Rice is one of many
Favorite Book Genre
tie between comedy and adventure
Favorite Band or Artist
too many to say
Favorite Music Genre
all kinds of music-I listen to it all the time
Favorite Movie
Spirit, Day Dreamer, Shrek, Daddy Day Care, others
Favorite Artist
to many to say

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