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I'm you're typical great on paper, a mess in real life thirty something. Currently I'm living in New York swearing it is the last year I'm paying rent this high. Either because I'm moving, or because "the one" will come along and save me. Well, save me or at the very least split the rent with me. But truthfully, "the one" came and went ages ago. The one, the two, the three, the four, the five... I'm just not going along with all that crap. There is no "one". There's 8/9, or 9.5 or 87%. But still, I seem to live in the world of 45% and under. Hmm, what else about me. Oh, yes, I recently broke up with "the tenth" and I must say that if "the eleventh" is anything like "the tenth" please push me in front of a train and end it all now. There has just got to be an easier way!
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