Shawn Lane-Richardson II (KiKi)
North Carolina

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Born In Raleigh, North Carolina to a single mother Shawn faced many challenges growing up. Ever since Shawn was a little kid he loved the Lord and always talked about him to his friends and his family members. Starting out in the Mount Calvary Word Of Faith Church in Raleigh, under the leadership of his God-Mother and God-Father “Bishop Harold I. Williams & Pastor Shirley Caesar-Williams” Shawn got his motivation to sing to from her and his purpose to preach from both of them. In 2014 Shawn took his singing passion into effect by creating a Soundcloud to share his music with people across the World with “Holy Is The Lamb” and “We Come Into This House”...... in 2015 Shawn’s mother passed away from Cancer when he was only 15 years old, Shawn was afraid and had no one to turn to, he started to give up slowly in school and in the community. With the help of his other God-Mother “Felicia” she carried him under her wings and Shawn started to turn his life around for the..
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Shirley Caesar
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