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Gayle Howell known in the poetry world as the “Lady Silk” is an award winning poet, writer and spoken word artist who has been writing since the age of 14. Born Gayle Jackson in the late 1950’s, Gayle “Lady Silk” Howell uses the spoken and written word to express what she calls “the very essence of her lyrical soul that makes her life whole” Adding that “poetic melody is the method she uses to define the true meaning of happiness that carries her forward through time.”

A product of the culturally rich environs of Harlem in New York City, Lady Silk fell in love with poetry after hearing Nikki Giovanni’s “Ego Trippin” and the Last Poet’s “Black Rose”. She believes that poetry is very powerful medium that can express her inner most emotions that bring clarity to the often confusing matters of the heart. Married and the mother of five children, “Silk” speaks to the effects of life’s little moments as well as to lifelong memories that sometimes struggle to reach the surface. Her words provide a gateway into her heart and allow the reader to peer into the depths of her soul.
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