Brentwood, Ny
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I am a 23 year old mother of two beautiful beings. My daughter Diamond ia 4, and my son Jaiden will be one in April. I attend Kaplan University and I am majoring in Business. Once Im done with college, I would like to open my own hair salon or my own pastry store called "A Piece Of Heaven". I am a woman dedicated to living life to the fullest and being a good mother.
I love to write poetry, as a matter of fact I am the QUEEN at writing poetry. I started writing poetry when I was in eleventh grade, and ever since I write poetry daily which helps me to express some of what I'm feeling on the inside. As a matter of fact, most of what I'm feeling seems to come to life in my poetry, which is why I write it. I will never stop writing, because much like my music, it seems to lift me up on my rainy days and makes life seem much more pleasurable on my sunny days.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book
Big Girls don't Cry
Favorite Writer
Jerome Dickey
Favorite Book Genre
Horror and reality
Favorite Band or Artist
Keyshia Cole
Favorite Music Genre
R&B and Rap
Favorite Movie
Fun with Dick and Jane
Favorite Artist
Alicia Keys
Personal Quote
Who Says You Can't be Thick and Beautiful....

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