About Me
hmmm nothing much about me but a social outcast and a freak to when it comes to clouths and and looks, you can say i'm emo looking or goth looking or sceane. i mix them all up to be me. books.... i am big on books and also writing poetry and lyrics and also small stories. when ever i cn i turn up my steareo and turn it to my favorite cd song between snuff, sulfer, dead memories, before i forget, by slipknot. undead, bitches, by hollywood undead. industrectable, night, inside the fire, deceiver, by disturbed and many more songs. i like no i love to chat online and rping online.
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Favorite Choices
Favorite Book Genre
vampire romance and dramitic violient vampire
Favorite Music Genre
metal, scream, hard core, rock, boneyard music
Favorite Movie
interview with a vampire
Personal Quote
dead is dead and blood is blood

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