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love looking at funny pictures and reading quotes,and im pritty much as big of a book worm as you can get ,i love to draw and i often find myself doodling on my homework.i love to write and i express myself by writing poems and sort stories .writing keeps me fuctional because if i couldnt write then i probably would explode .writing is my healthy way to get all my nervs, frustrations, pain, sadness ,happyness,and little tidbits out without haveing to tell anyone. i have a couple of things on my journal so if u feel like it, u can check it out.,i love the silly little things that make me laugh and smile and i think that its the little things that make life worth while.oh and i am just about as random as you get with writing and with talking.normal is over rated.i get random ideas to write in the middle of the night,or while doing a simple chore at my house.

I AM ME. i am no one else but myself and i am perfectly happy with the person i am.i dont need superficial things to make me happy.just knowing that my family loves me and that i have good friends in my life is good enough for me.i am a sap for a good love story and hope that when the time comes, i will find the right person for me.but i am in no rush to jump into a relationship because its good to enjoy teenage years while you get to be one.

things i like Jeff dunham,metal rollercoeasters (enfisis on the metal,wooden rollercoasters scare the crap out of me)books,meeting new people,spending time with my family,going to theme parks,swimming,soccer and many other things.

things i dont like/scare me : cruise line ships(two words,titanic and pasidon)sharks spiders,scary movies,sometimes emo people,telly tubbies,river tubbing(long story) FeRbYs,ferbys are my biggest fear,dread and hate.

one thing i will tell you is i do not judge people by the way the dress or how the look on the outside.no one should be judged by there aperence and so i dont care what you look like, i will always try to get to know you before i choose to be friends with someone because you can find a friend in the oddest of places and situations.so in the simplest terms if you wont judge me then i will not judge you .

we are all different,unique,and no one can take that away from us without you being willing to give up what is unique about you.dont let anyone ever do that.god never intended for any two people to be exactly the same so never forget who you are

if you are still reading this then you are amazing because you didnt stop reading after the 2nd sentence and i thank you for taking the time to read this very long couple of peragraphs about me.
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Favorite Book
Twilight sceries,uglies sceries,among the hidden sceries,a walk to remember,the truth about foreve
Favorite Writer
I dont have one
Favorite Book Genre
Favorite Band or Artist
i have many
Favorite Music Genre
all but screamo and rap
Favorite Movie
TotoroPhantom off the operah,ever after,The notebook,A walk to remember,Brave heart,
Personal Quote
"Forget about the sorrows of today,Tomorrow starts a fresh new day"

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