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La Shawn Dantley was born and raised in Landover, Maryland (Palmer Park). !! I’m a wife and mother of four beautiful children. My husband is my # 1 fan even when I gave up on myself he never stopped believing in me. He would also ask me how the book was coming along and I would say it’s coming along but he knew me best. So Hubby I WANTED 2 SAY THANK YOU 4 PUSHING ME TO TOP!!! This is my first novel and at the time I started this novel I was just a payroll manager but my passion shifted when my surroundings became clear. It was HATERZ all around me NO 1 wanted 2 see SQUINT make it to the top. "I told my friends, family and the people I worked with that I was going to devote myself to becoming a bestselling author. No one believed me, but I knew I had found my calling." And now that the books are on the shelves my friends and family aren't laughing any more. So I give it to my HATERZ u was my MOTIVATION!! The devil thought he had me but GODS arms were always wrapped around me.
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