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I'm a Southern made mother, wife, daughter and sister currently residing in one of the most beautiful cities in Tennessee, Franklin. I enjoy the four seasons offered to us in this area with spring and summer being my favorite. Fall is extraordinary here too, but it means winter is around the corner.

Beside spending time with my family, I like to read, cook and entertain. My home is truly my haven and I feel theres no place like it. My favorite home away from home is our little pop-up; we go to Kentucky Lake often in the spring and summer. It's the one place I feel I can really relax and enjoy the outdoors. Infact, it's really my most favorite vacation spot. It's the only place where you can't plug in a computer and check emails and don't have to do laundry. The days are long and nights are enjoyed around the camp fire. The morning brings many pleasures; my favorite is having my coffee as I watch the stillness of the lake infront of me, the quiet of the morning engage me and the birds singing to me. There are no expectations when camping.
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David Lee
Favorite Music Genre
Country, Oldies and Jazz
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Forest Gump

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