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Being the daughter of 2 caterers, food has always been a big part of my families' life. Some of the best memories I have are of family gatherings around the kitchen table or counter. The kitchen was and truly is the "heart of the home"!

Back East we enjoy food for passings, celebrations, comfort or everyday life. Menus are varied according to the holidays at hand. Portuguese for Labor Day, Italian for St. Joseph's Day, Irish for St. Patrick's Day, Polish for Easter and the list goes on. Tradition has deep roots in the East and "Food: "is" The Way To Everyone's Heart"!

I have been married for 22 years to my wonderful husband, Phil. We live in the Sierra Nevada foothills of Northern CA.. In Northern CA there is an abundance of fresh ingredients year round, as well as, wonderful wines! We have been fortunate enough to travel and experience wonderful cuisine.

Thank you to my parents, my husband, my family & my East Coast ethnic heritage! All this has made "food" a part of my heart!
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