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Hunting and fishing have always been an intrigal part of my life. I have no idea where it came from as my Dad nevershot so much as a squirrel or caught a bluegill. My mothers father who we affectionately called "Bamp" loved to hunt and fish. He did take me fishing a few times when I was young, and we did get to hunt a few times when I was a teen. I was not allowed to have a gun as a kid, but that did not stop me terrorizing ground squirrels with my bow. When I was 16 my Dad and grandfather called me to the kitchen and asked me if I was going to finish my 3 merit badges to receive Eagle Scout. As much as I loved getting to do all the camping and interesting things attached to scouting, at 16 I had other things on my mind. The said if I finished each of us would pay 1/3 of the cost of a new shotgun. I said I needed 30 days to finish, and I did. That was about 60-70 guns ago, but I still have that Mossberg model 500 16 guage.

God has truly blessed me with wonderful close family. He has also let me see many of his beautiful places around the world. Hunting or fishing in many of the places was important, but the expeince of meeting many different native peoples was much more rewarding.

I hope the nine grandkids who may some day read this realize that it was not my accomplishments. It was a loving Maker that let me have a full rich life.
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