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Suirjan ahmad ,a director and director of photography
writing with motion

Upon coming back to Malaysia,he continued by studying cinematography,and attending special training by a famous director of
photography from Japan.Later he went to London Film School to do a certificate course,and a diploma in direction in Puna,India.
Soon,Suirjan found himself working in TV3 between 1994 to 1999,where he worked on
corporate videos,documenteries and dramas.The Reccession during the
time forced him to step out,and he went on freelancing.Ever since he had been working with almost top directors at the period of
90's."We are learning something new everyday" claims Suirjan modestly."It will be a new experience everyday,we can never say that we are good enough.When you work with different directors,you get different views and ideas,and my duty is to write it to visual.
composition in filmmaking has many elements in common with composition in painting and still photography -- line, tone, color, texture, shadow -- although
cinematography is unique in that the composition may change during the
shot. During the shot the camera may move, the lens may be adjusted the performers may move -- all of which will change the composition of the shot. A performer, for example, might start in a medium shot, but
then walk toward the camera, ending in a close-up.
Though cameraman and camerawork is important.Suirjan agrees that more then
anything else,story must given almost important."Good Scripts can be
screwed up by bad photography"
As a Director of Photography his goal is to enhance the story through cinematography.By
filling the frame appropriately while avoiding calling attention to the cameras actions with a concentration on enhancing the story. Film making is a team effort.Every aspect of every job moves the story toward the screen.Each time we step on a set one needs to remember that without the story we don't have jobs.Without good set direction the DP will turn his lens to barren walls. Without good grips the lights will fall and without a good AD the production will flounder.Cinematography means “writing with motion”he
writes (into the film or HD) what other people have created and
Sudirjan try to do it in a way that shows his work as well as personal
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