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I am a Mother of four and a Grandmother of eight and still counting.I sit here today asking and wondering about my own Grandparents not much I can tell anyone. My grandparents died at an early age so I never really got to know them. So I am going to write this so when the day comes and My grandchildren are wondering about there past and where they come from. I wish now I had listened to my parents more , but as a kid you didnt want to hear about there life and how they became who they were. One day you are sitting all alone though and wish you had of listened, that is what lead me to want to write this about our family or as much of it that I can remember. Both my parents are gone so cant really ask either of them the questions I would like to know, Someday I dont want my kids and Grandkids to wish they had of asked.
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WHY Did I Stay?
WHY Did I Stay?
by K.S.Calderon
All About Us
All About Us
by Susan