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This book was inspired by a random conversation between two friends arguing about why love affairs go wrong and the limited choices singles have seeking true love. Tami Robinson and David Jaye have had their personal share of love mishaps — and they both work in professions that allowed them to observe others struggle with the ugly process of deciphering true love. What you’ll read are snippets of unscripted relationship realities that many people refuse to acknowledge; manipulating the illusion of true love.The authors are not your traditional relationship experts, but they are experts
through observation. The incidents they have witnessed have allowed them to learn many lessons while remaining personally unscathed.
Tami, a police officer, has answered many domestic violence calls. As a result, she has seen domestic situations ranging from the traditional to the most deranged affairs — each being unique forms of “so-called love”.
Domestic violence is a crime. Unfortunately, it’s also a crime not often visible to the public eye — until the relationship becomes physically violent. Tami hopes this book will compel both men and women to re-evaluate their priorities when seeking true love, and to put their self-worth first.

David, a military aircraft technician, has witnessed the extreme actions often taken by military personnel to maintain fulfilling relationships. He noticed that it takes more than love to make them last.  David has served more than six years in the US Air Force. During his time in Iraq, he saw time and again how distance; lack of communication, finances, and trust can slowly eat away at love. Through his own trials and tribulations in combination with the testimony of others, he has come to realize there is more to loving a person than just simply having the desire to be with them. David hopes to inspire a chain reaction among his readers that will guide them in making decisions promoting everyone’s ultimate life goal — Happiness!
This book strives to be thought- provoking, humorous, dramatic, and realistic, appealing to all types of readers. Perhaps after reading this book, some people will realize that they should move on regarding their relationships; and for others we hope it will strengthen the bond they already have with their partners.
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